Preventative Maintenance

Government Inspections

All trucks will undergo government safety inspections annually as per provincial and federal requirements.

An in-house inspection of all equipment as per governmental regulations will be completed on an annual basis.

Pre and Post Workplace Inspections

A pre-work and post-work inspection of the vehicle and required contents will be completed daily to determine if the unit is properly equipped and in safe working order.

It is intended to ensure that the unit does not present a hazard to the general public and/or the operator.

Each driver shall complete a full inspection of his or her truck prior to its operation and use. The driver is required to check the unit thoroughly and complete the inspection sheet with a date and signature and return the document to the office at the end of the day whenever possible.

The onus is placed on the driver to ensure the vehicle is in proper mechanical operations and fit for duty. Inspection lists will be kept on file and made available upon request by any authority or Department of Highways Officer.

If the inspection reveals an issue that may compromise the safety or safe operation of the vehicle – repairs must be completed to the vehicle and cannot be used until reviewed and approved for operation by a certified mechanic.

Each driver will also complete a post trip inspection and document findings immediately to NOR Disposal Bins Ltd. management to ensure repairs are completed in a timely manner and the vehicle is expedited to a safe operational status.

Towing is not permitted by company vehicles.

Parking of company vehicles anywhere other than a designated parking area will become the liability of the driver and will be required to reimburse the company for any fines or associated costs.