Operating Procedures and Rules for Drivers and Trucks

Company Rules and Regulations

All Municipal, Provincial, and Federal regulations and NOR Disposal Bins Ltd. company rules are to be followed at all times.

Speed limits and road restrictions are to be obeyed at all times.

All drivers are required to wear seat belts while operating company vehicles.

No alcohol or drugs are allowed in any company vehicles.

No operation of company vehicles is tolerated if the operator is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

No overload hauls are permitted.

Drivers are to remain in company vehicles at all times while loading and unloading.

All spills, near misses and violations, regardless of size or severity are to be reported to Management immediately.

All loads are to be secured while in transport to ensure safe transportation.

Use of engine retarder brakes within city limits is strictly prohibited.

Dangerous Good signs are to be kept clean and working conditions at all times.

Protective footwear is required and must be worn at all times.

Hard hats are to be used as required by site access and workplace safety.

All tickets and weigh bills are to be handed in to office or dispatch at the end of each and every workday.

All operators are to have a working cell phone in their possession to facilitate two-way communication with authorities or office management in the event of an emergency.

All company vehicles are to be operated with working headlights at all times regardless of time of day.


No smoking or open source of ignition is permitted within 45’ of equipment while refueling.

Only refueling at certified and regulated locations is permitted.


Company vehicle is to be kept clean and free of debris at all times.

NOR Disposal Bins Ltd. will provide manpower and full reimbursement to employees for the cleaning of company vehicle exteriors and interiors provided permission to do so is granted. A detailed original receipt is required and will be reimbursed within (14) days from receiving copy.