Driver Training

All drivers must have a valid Alberta drivers license.

All drivers must be aware and have a sound understanding of the Alberta Traffic Act and follow all rules and regulations.

Additional driver training will be required if there is a traffic act violation.

Drivers are expected and required to act in a professional and courteous manner towards NOR Disposal Bins. Ltd. customers and other motorists and pedestrians at all times.

Protocol for Driving Complaints

If the company receives or is made aware of any complaint on the operations of company equipment or vehicles the following procedure will be enforced as follows:

  • 1st incident – Driver will receive a verbal reprimand and be required to produce a satisfactory letter of apology.
  • 2nd incident – Driver will receive a written warning and be required to complete a formal instruction training session as selected by management.
  • 3rd incident – Driver will be relieved of duty and be dismissed.