N.O.R. Disposal Bins Ltd.

Health, Environment and Safety Policy Statement

NOR Disposal Bins is committed to the safety and protection of all its employees including equipment and physical assets. Safety is an integral part of our company’s operations and is intended to protect our employees, contractors, clients, property, all environmental aspects and the general public.

NOR Disposal Bins Ltd. is committed to ensuring that any and all operations comply with local Municipal, Provincial and Federal government regulations and applicable codes.

Why is safety important to the company?

There are many costs to accidents and unsafe work practices. The greatest costs are human costs. By protecting our employees we are in turn protecting the public and the environment from any collateral effects that may stem from a serious incident and/or accident. We are also protecting our ability to continue to provide our employees an opportunity to provide a comfortable standard of living for themselves and their respective families and loved ones.

Who is responsible for safety?

Everyone employed by NOR Disposal Bins Ltd. is responsible for maintaining the health and safety program. Supervisors and employees are responsible for identifying safety needs, communicating safety hazards, investigating hazardous conditions and circumstances, pursue effective training, enforcement of proper PPE and ensuring all equipment is properly maintained and meets legislated safety standards.

All company employees are responsible for obeying all safety rules, following safe work procedures, wearing and using PPE where required, participating in safety program directives and informing management of any unsafe work conditions. Anyone has the right and responsibility to refuse any unsafe work conditions.

By fulfilling our safety responsibilities – everyone who works for our company will share the benefits of a safe workplace environment.